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Banana Tree Stem Powder / Vazhaithandu


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Quick Overview

  • Detoxification. Banana stem is a type of diuretic (promotes the production of urine).
  • Pain Relating To Kidney Stones.
  • Kidney Stones Formation.
  • Bowel Movement Managing Weight.
  • Reduces Belly Fat.
  • Zero Fats and Cholesterol.
  • Control Acidity.

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Vazhaithandu / Banana Tree Stem Powder

  • A banana's stem has many layers, one on top of another. The outer layer is usually thrown away and only the inner parts are eaten. The fibres in these parts help you to lose weight. 
  • Botanical Name : Musa Acuminata
  • English Name    : Banana Tree Stem
  • Tamil Name       : Vazhaithandu
  • Hindi Name       : Vazha/ Kudappan
  • Malayalam NameKele-Ka-Phool (Banana Tree stem)
  • Telugu Name      : Arati


  • The stem of a banana tree is actually a flower stalk. 
  • The whole stem is made up of layers, one below the other, just like in a cabbage. 
  • The outer layer is usually discarded and the rest of the stem can be eaten. This part has dietary fibres that help reduce fat.


  • Banana stem helps you to lose weight. It is full of fibre and this makes you feel full and so you eat less.
  • It also helps with constipation.
  • The banana stem has potassium and vitamin B6 just like the fruit does.