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Panchagavya Vilakku


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  • This Diya / vilakku can lighting any time and any day in the temple, and give very positive results of lighting it at residence on Friday at 6am - 7 am.
  • This Diyas removes bad energy, remove the toxic air around his burning place. 
  • Clears all your Karma, Positive Energy, Good Health, Good Wealth & Education.

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panchagavya vilakku

  • Panchagavya vilakku is an ancient ritualistic Indian candle that has been used since time immemorial to bring positive energy. It's made of Cow Dung, Urine, Ghee and butter among other things.
  • Panche Vakyam will light up on its own when you burn it for hours with no effort at all giving us a chance not only get wealthy but also good health & happiness too.


  • Panchagavya, an organic product with the potential to play a role in promoting growth and providing immunity for plants. 
  • This consists of nine products such as Cow Dung, Cow Urine Milk Curd Jaggery Ghee Banana Tender Coconut Water; when mixed appropriately these have miraculous effects.


  • The Pancha Kavya Vilakku is a very special kind of Diya. It has been burning since ancient times and it's believed that only once you've lit this lamp, then its fate will be determined - whether to go up in flames or not.
  • When you burn these lamps on Friday mornings at 6am-7 am for ten minutes (or more), they give many benefits such as clearing your Karma bad energy & toxic air around its location. 
  • The panchakavya vilakku is a ritual that grants you purification and absolution. This small fire can take away all your sins even those committed on the deepest levels of consciousness, with only one burnt offering it will be enough to earn yourself good luck in life.