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  • Cotton Wicks - Black
  • Cotton Wicks - Black
  • Cotton Wicks - Black

Cotton Wicks - Black


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  • Diya/lamp is essential in Hinduism because it signifies purity, goodness, good luck and power.
  • The presence of light means the non-existence of darkness and negative forces.
  • Lamps are lit and have them face the north direction of the house to weaken those negative forces. There is a deeper significance to the lamp.
  • Lighting lamp in North direction brings wealth and prosperity.
  • One is blessed with 8 kinds of wealth or Ashta aishwaryas of Goddess Lakshmi who empowers her devotees, giving them luxuries in the form of wealth.
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Cotton Wicks - Black

  • A lamp/diya is important in Hinduism because it means purity, goodness, good luck, and power. 
  • The light means that there is no darkness or negative forces. A lamp should be lit and have the light facing north so that the north has less power. 
  • There are deeper meanings to lamps. Lighting a lamp in the north brings wealth and prosperity to one's home because one will be blessed with 8 kinds of wealth from goddess Lakshmi who empowers her followers with luxuries like money.


  • People in Hinduism want to have light because it means that there is no darkness. 
  • The lamp helps to weaken the negative forces. It is good to put the lamp in the North direction because you will get wealth and prosperity. 
  • This 50-pack of lamps helps people get 8 kinds of wealth which are given by goddess Lakshmi (goddess of luck).


  • Cotton is easy to light with matches. It is easy even if you use tiny matches. 
  • Both types of wick will be difficult to light if there are drafts or gusts of wind around.