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Kumkum (meenakshi)


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  • Kumkum powder is made from grinding dried tumeric into a powder after which a few drops of lime are added.
  • This gives it the bright red color. Kumkum is considered to be very auspicious by Indians and thus, used for various purposes on special occasions like wedding and festivals.
  • Easily applied by adding a few drops of water which turns the powder into paste. Application of kumkum Kumkum is most often applied by Hindus to the forehead. 

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Kumkum (Meenakshi)

  • Kumkum is a type of powder that is made from ground turmeric. Some lime juice is added so it becomes bright red. 
  • Kumkum was traditionally used for special occasions, like weddings and festivals by Indian people. Nowadays, it can be applied to the forehead easily by adding drops of water to turn it into paste.


  • Kumkum is a powder made of dried turmeric. 
  • The lime gives it its red colour. Kumkum is considered very auspicious by Indians and is used on special occasions like weddings and festivals.


  • A pinch of red powder is considered the most auspicious beginning to any ceremony. Now, the much-venerated red powder gets a new scent with the fragrance of Screw Pine flowers.
  • Apply on your forehead and surround yourself with an aura of spiritual bliss.
  • Apply on your forehead during religious ceremonies or other occasions