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  • Chandan Tikka Paste
  • Chandan Tikka Paste

Chandan Tikka Paste


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Quick Overview

  • Reducing inflammation.Turmeric is the key here. 
  • Fighting cancer. 
  • Combating Alzheimer's disease. 
  • Boosting your bones. 
  • Aiding digestion. 
  • Looking after your heart. 
  • Battling bacteria.

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Tikka Paste

  • We all know the famous scent of sandalwood. It's one that is soothing and calming, which can make you feel at peace with yourself as well your surroundings. One way we love to use this natural herb for beauty purposes. Apply chandana tika (the mark made by applying tilak on forehead) - it helps in activating our Ajna Chakra so whatever problem arises will be resolved more easily when done regularly.


  • The Ayurvedic product is a natural and herbal supplement that can be applied easily.
  • It's free from harmful chemicals, making it suitable for everyone regardless of age or gender identity.
  • The paste form makes the application quick with no need to grind ingredients before use-you just apply like you would any other hand cream.


  • Fragrance of sandalwood is soothing and relaxing. 
  • Massaging the forehead with this paste can relieve insomnia, headaches, anxiety disorders or menstrual cramps in women by calming your nerves through its cooling effects on hot temperaments.
  • Applying chandan tika also seems to regulate body auras for individuals who find themselves under great stress. 
  • Simply when you apply these stones onto one another's foreheads they block negative energy from entering into our bodies.