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Honey (pack Of 5 Bottles)


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Quick Overview

  • Pure Mountain Honey for Respiratory problems: Due to the mucosal and comforting properties of Pure Mountain Honey, it helps in repairing respiratory tract infections.
  • Pure Mountain Honey for Stomach: Mountain Honey is a brown liquid that has a lot of medicinal properties. They would even say that honey is widely used as a friend of the stomach. This is because the stomach and gall bladder is the medicine for all diseases.
  • Pure Mountain Honey for Weight Loss: Pure Mountain Honey has the property of keeping you in control of your weight. It also enhances biological evolution and helps burn unwanted fats.
  • Pure Mountain Honey for Cholesterol: Pure Mountain Honey will dissolve bad fat in the body and increase the good cholesterol required for the body.
  • Pure Mountain Honey for Anemia: Regular consumption of Pure Mountain Honey can increase calcium absorption and hemoglobin counts and help fight anemia.
  • Pure Mountain Honey for Muscle spasm: Carbohydrates in the form of glucose and fructose provide energy to the body and reduce muscle fatigue.

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  • Pure, natural honey is the only ingredient in this product. Different varieties come from plants that are exclusively gathered by bees who collect their nectars and produce it into what we know today as "honey".
  • This 100 gm squeezable bottle makes storage easier for you while also ensuring hygiene standards aren't compromised since there are no fake sugars added!


  • 100 % organic
  • Made from pure nector from the bees
  • Available in 50gms


  • Honey might offer benefits for those suffering from depression, epilepsy and anxiety. It has also been shown to help prevent memory disorders as well promote wound healing in burns patients by topical use of honey alone!