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Kumkum Maroon (thambulam Brand)


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  • Kumkum powder is made from grinding dried tumeric into a powder after which a few drops of lime are added.
  • This gives it the bright red color. Kumkum is considered to be very auspicious by Indians and thus, used for various purposes on special occasions like wedding and festivals.
  • Hindu belief that the human body is divided into seven vortices of energy, called chakras, beginning at the base of the spine and ending at the top of the head.

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Kumkum Maroon (Thambulam Brand)

  • This kumkum has no chemicals and can be applied to your skin without irritation.
  • It is nice smelling and not harmful. It should be stored in an airtight container.


  • This gives it the red colour. Kumkum is considered very lucky by Indians and is used for special occasions like weddings and festivals. 
  • The net weight of kumkum is 50 grams.


  • Kumkum has many benefits. It is made with natural ingredients like turmeric, which are good for your skin.
  • Natural and safe kumkum does not have anything that can make you itchy or irritated, so you can use it any time of the day. 
  • The only colour used in making this product is permitted by law, so there is no worry about allergies or other problems coming from the colours on the kumkum. 
  • You should store this product in a container where air cannot get inside to keep the freshness and aroma coming for a long time after opening it. 
  • This product should only be used externally on your body.