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Asafoetida (raw) Hing / Paal Perungayam


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Quick Overview

Perungayam pimples treatment:

  • It is effective in the treatment of pimples, acne and scars. Because of this, many cosmetic manufacturers are used perungayam / hing as a component for beauty products. 

Perungayam for blemishes:

  • It is also good to clear out blemishes and give your face a shining look. 

Perungayam for babies’ gas problems:

  • Kids normally cries, especially at night due to forming gases or stomach pain. Paal Perungayam / Hing gives them relief. 

Perungayam for digestion:

  • Using fried asafoetida / Hing is helpful in curing many stomach related disorders

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Paal Perungayam / Hing / Asafoetida (raw)

  • Botanical Name: Ferula Asafoetida
  • English Name: Asafoetida / Devils Dung / Hing
  • Tamil Name: Paal Perungayam
  • Hindi Name: Hing
  • Malayalam Name: Kaayam
  • Telugu Name: Inguva
  • Paal perungayam (asafoetida) is made from the dried latex that comes from a plant. It is in the celery family and it can grow up to 1-1.5 meters tall.
  • It has some medicinal properties and it also helps with gas in your chest. 
  • You can add it to dishes such as sambar or other spicy vegetarian foods, like pulses to make them taste amazing.


  • Paal Perungayam / Asafoetida (raw) comes from the same group as silphium, which is now extinct. It was used as a cheaper substitute for silphium.
  • Indians use it often in their food. If you cook it with other spices, it will have a good smell that goes well with spicy vegetarian foods.
  • The available unit quantities of the product is 100gm, 250gm, 500gm, 1000gm.


  • Asafoetida is a spice used for digestion. It helps to treat some digestive problems such as stomach pain, gas, bowel worms, stomach irritation, irritable bowel lesions. 
  • Paal Perungayam (Asafoetida) can help with stomach pain, menstrual pain, and flatulence.
  • Paal Perungayam is good for diabetes. It helps reduce the blood sugar level because of high insulin secretion of cerebral palsy cells.