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Purple Nut Sedge / Nut Grass Dried (raw) / Korai Kilangu


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  • The paste of nut grass is used in treating skin related ailments like scabies and eczema and helps in relieving itching. 
  • The paste is used in increasing the size of the breasts. It also purifies the breast milk, improves eyesight and helps in eye related ailments.
  • The extract from the roots is instilled into eyes in conjunctivitis, to reduce the pain, redness and ocular discharges.
  • The powder is massaged to reduce the subcutaneous fat deposition in case of obese people.
  • It normalizes the menstrual disturbances and breast discomfort and maintains normal body temperature.

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Korai Kilangu / Purple Nut Sedge / Nut Grass Dried (raw)

  • Korai Kilangu is a shrub that gets up to 40 cm tall. It has a dark green stem and sharp leaves. 
  • The flowers are 2-8 inches long, with 3 stamina and 3 pistils. It is bisexual. The plant has rootlets that smell good too. 
  • Korai Kilangu grows in Africa, Europe, and Asia, but mostly in India where it is found everywhere.


  • Nut grass is a plant that grows to be about 40 cm tall. It has dark green, thin stems and leaves that are long and sharp. 
  • The flowers are 2-8 inches long, have 3 stamens and 3 pistils, and they grow on the stem of the flower.


  • The paste made from nut grass is used to treat skin problems like scabies and eczema.
  • The extract from the roots of the plant is put in the eyes when someone has conjunctivitis. This helps with pain, redness, or discharge of pus. 
  • The powder made from the roots is used on people who are overquantities to help them lose some quantities. When it is put on a person's skin, it may reduce some fat deposits under their skin. 
  • This helps with menstrual problems and breast discomfort too.