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Bael Leaves Powder / Vilvam Ilai


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  • The unripe Bilva fruit helps to cure disorders caused due to Vata and Kapha.
  • Due to its Astringent, bitter and pungent taste it increases Pitta and enhances the strength of digestion and other metabolic activities significantly.
  • Most effect in chronic diarrhea and ulcerative colitis

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Vilvam Ilai / Bael Leaves Powder

  • The vilva tree is a sacred tree to many Indians. The word vilva will bring the image of Lord Shiva in their mind.
  • It has leaves that are considered so holy that elders usually advise us not to play with it. You can find vilva trees at most ancient temples, especially those of Lord Shiva, where they use it as a part of pooja (a ceremony). 
  • Vilvam leaves have medicinal values and if we know how to use them, we can easily use them in our daily lives and get the amazing benefits.
  • This plant is known as bael, bilwa or wood apple in Hindi and Tamil respectively.


  • Bael, vilva (in Tamil) is a sacred tree and the word Vilva brings the image of lord Shiva in people's mind. 
  • The tree has gum and fruits with smooth woody shells that turn yellow when they are mature.


  • Vilvam is a natural medicine that can help children stay healthy. Vilvam helps you keep your body warm in the winter and it is good for colds, coughs, and fevers.
  • It also helps get rid of diarrhoea, cholera, and other digestive problems. 
  • Vilvam has antioxidants which get rid of toxins from your body and improves how your metabolism works.