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Dill Seed Dried (raw) / Sathakuppai


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Quick Overview

  • It help to Reduce Menstrual Cramps.
  • Helps Reduce Depression.
  • Treat for Insomnia.
  • Respiratory disorders.
  • Lowers Cholesterol.
  • May Treat Epilepsy Provides a Source of Energy and Aids in Digestion through Beneficial Fatty Acids.

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Sathakuppai / Dill Seed Dried (raw)

  • Botanical Name: Anethum Sowa
  • English Name: Dill
  • Tamil Name: Sathakuppai
  • Hindi Name: Soyo
  • Malayalam Name: Sathakuppa / Chatakuppa
  • Telugu Name: Sadapa Vittulu
  • Sathakuppai is a plant that belongs to the family of apiaceae, in the genus: Anethum, and scientifically named as Anethum sowa. 
  • It grows 1 to 2 feet in height and features dark-green leaves (sprigs) that are wispy and fern-like, have a soft texture with rich, pleasant anise aroma and sweet taste.


  • Sathakuppai is also known as Dill in English.
  • It belongs to the Apiaceae family that includes plants like Fennel and Caraway, and its scientific name is Anethum sowa.


  • Dill leaves help with menstrual cramps, depression, and insomnia. 
  • They help people breathe better and they may even help to lower cholesterol. 
  • Dill leaves can also be used to treat epilepsy and provide energy for the body.