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Mesquite Tree Gum / Karuvelam Pisin


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  • Mesquite Tree Gum is used extensively to cure Leucorrhoea, Nightfall, and Pneumonia.
  • Men can get various benefits from consuming Karuvelam Pisin.
  • It strengthens teeth and gums, reduces gingivitis, and provides protection against any problems with your teeth.

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Karuvelam Pisin / Mesquite Tree Gum

  • Botanical Name : Prosopis Juliflora
  • English Name : Mesquite Tree Gum / Arabic gum
  • Tamil Name :  Pisin
  • Hindi Name : Babul, Kikar
  • Malayalam Name : Karivelan, Karuvelum
  • Telugu Name: Nallatumma, Tumma, Tuma
  • Karuvelam is a tree in English. It can grow to 12 meters tall. The trunk is 1.2 meters in diameter. Leaves are light green and have 12-20 leaflets. Flowers come after the leaves have grown.


  • Karuvelam is a tree that can grow up to 12 meters tall and has a trunk with 1.2 meters in diameter. 
  • It has light green leaves and flowers that come after the leaves and are 5-10 cm long and yellow. 
  • The pods can be 20-30 cm long and each one has 10 to 30 seeds in it. 
  • A tree can make thousands of seeds, which remain viable for 10 years.


  • The benefits of karuvelam pisin (mesquite tree gum) are that it is used for nightfall, leucorrhoea, and prameha. It also cures spermatorrhea, loss of viscidity of semen, frequent night discharges and premature ejaculation. 
  • It acts as strengthen the teeth and gum problems. 
  • Reduces plaque formation. 
  • Reduces gingival inflammation (inflammation of the gums). 
  • Causes alkalinity in saliva which is pH 6.